Our coaching is about you.
But if you’re curious about me, I’ll share a bit more here.

I grew up on a farm and had a diet of meat, vegetables, and fruit. Then, I went to college and WOW! What a food experience! Bagels and cream cheese, sticky buns, McDonald’s quarter pounders with cheese, large fries, and coke….always a coke. Coke, coffee, and did I mention cigarettes? No, I didn’t because it’s not something that I’m proud of but I was a 2 pack-a-day smoker for twelve years. It’s now been twenty-six years since I quit.
One day, my mom took a picture of me after a visit home. And by golly I looked at it and realized that I had become fat. I honestly didn’t see it accumulating. I remember looking at that photo in disbelief.

Time to make some changes. But what to do? So many options which led me to research and research and research. I found what worked for me and then found others asking me how I did it and what they should do to lose weight. I knew what worked for me but would it work for others?

And, so I researched more. I became certified as a Nutritional Therapist through the Nutritional Therapy Association and then went back to school at the Institute of Functional Medicine and became a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Anyone can call themselves a Health Coach without training or being certified. That’s why I include the credentials – this is serious business to me.

Now I offer my programs to hundreds of people all over the country who want to lose weight, get rid of their unexplained digestive issues, and seek to live a healthier lifestyle. All of my programs put Jesus Christ in the center. He is the Healer and Author of our lives. We may not have the self-discipline, wisdom, or knowledge to change the habits we need to change, but HE does. And HE promises to reward those who diligently seek HIM. The Bible has much to say about health, your body, and changing habits. All of it is centered around love, not blame, shame, and guilt.                             

Join me and others in a rewarding Christ-centeredwellness journey!

Not tired of hearing about me, yet?  Here’s more:)

I’ve been married for twenty-eight years to a good man who loved me before I knew how to cook….now that’s a good man:)  We have two adult children, a dog, and a cat.I like photography.  I took most of the pictures on this site.I am pretty heavily involved in Christian Ministry.  I was a worship leader for many years. I have a Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance. Now I organize community prayer and praise services that include worship team members and churches from all around our town.Here’s a fun picture of our team.

I am a team leader with Next Level Worship International which travels to Africa to teach worship leaders about Biblical worship.

This year I taught keyboard, theory, and songwriting.

Family is really important to me and I prioritize it in my life. 

Balancing life feels like an art form and I’m always working on it.
I find my peace of mind in God and nature. There is beauty all around us.