Do You Want to Lose Weight
While Growing Closer to Christ?
Eating Clean While Growing Closer to Christ
(or ECGC) uses private coaching and
small group coaching to teach you the
necessary tools to lose weight while
growing closer to Christ.
"Suzanne realizes that everyone has their unique motivations, likes and dislikes of certain foods, and even different schedules. ECGC goes far above anything out there on the market. It's very informative, lots of knowledge and easy to access videos and pdfs. She sets you up to succeed!"
"I was hesitant to start ECGC but my husband kept prompting me and so we started the program together. Suzanne is very knowledgable and met me with a lot of grace. I have lost nearly 40 pounds and I didn't think that was possible. More than the weight loss, I feel a lot better and have more energy. It was worth the financial investment and the time commitment." Kenzie
"As a breast cancer survivor, I realized that God had given me a second chance. I knew my body was not healthy and I desperately need to know what "healthy" means...what to eat and how to prepare that. I want to be here many years for my grandchildren. ECGC really works. You will not be sorry if you take this class."

Suzanne Provagna is a Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Health Coach who has impacted hundreds through her speaking and coaching.